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2022: Year in Review
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Dear clients, consultants, partners, and friends,

Wow, what a year! The life of a startup is never dull nor easy, and we’re no exception: 2022 was a busy and exciting one for us at Cansulta. I’m so grateful, appreciative, and proud of our growth & accomplishments, and am truly giddy with excitement about what’s coming up in 2023.

TL;DR: Below you’ll find a summary of what kept us so busy, and a sneak peek at what’s ahead.

Thank you all for your continued support and collaboration.
Let’s make 2023 the best year yet for Cansulta, and all our clients and partners!

Roster & Team Growth

As we close 2022, Cansulta now offers nearly 100 vetted consultants & experts. We favour quality over quantity and have never focused on volume, but growing our roster to this size makes us even more confident that we can match businesses everywhere with the exactly right help they need.

In September, we gained our Woman-Owned (WBE) certification. In December, we celebrated our 2-year anniversary, and can now count 57 individuals & team members who have helped bring Cansulta to life.

Platform, Product & Website Improvements

Our internal team kept busy improving the platform based on client and consultant feedback. We have a nice, full Product Roadmap to stay busy into 2023. These are some of the notable updates:

  • Launched the Cansulta Shop for easy, direct access to buy products & services
  • Moved our online community to Heartbeat
  • New Goals, Expertise, and Industry pages to clients find exactly the right help
  • Enabled Cansulta Wallet and support for direct bank transfer
  • Support for 2-way calendar syncing with Outlook and Google
  • Login and registration with LinkedIn
  • Re-wrote the entire Cansulta platform back-end (surprise!) for improved performance

Spoiler alert: there’s a lot more coming soon in 2023 that I can’t wait to share. The launch of our new Associates program for junior consultants, improved search, multi-currency… stay tuned!

Do you have an idea, suggestion, or request? Email our Product team at and we’ll try to make it happen!

New Product & Service Offerings

In summer, we moved our Community to a new online platform and launched our VIP Client membership program so that members could enjoy easy access to our experts and exclusive offers from our partners.

We also launched our Business Assessment series, including the Business Personality Profile (BPP), Change Capacity Assessment (CCA) and Operational Maturity Assessment (OMA) available as offline tools or with live support. We plan to expand our set of Cansulta tools next year, based on what our most need and want.

We’ve teamed up with business incubation platform BootUp360 to support early-stage entrepreneurs, startups, and founders in their journey. We became a Hubspot Solutions Partner to support growing small and mid-sized businesses with their marketing and sales. For larger enterprises, we now offer Corporate Solutions supported by our Business Concierge team to curate the perfect teams and tailor unique solutions and scopes for each project or opportunity.

Network & Partnership Expansion

This year we continued to extend our network of recommended business partners. These are companies that offer products and services we consider complementary to our platform, and more importantly, valuable to our community. Cansulta adds only companies we test, use, and trust, and we then work hard to negotiate great offers, discounts, and benefits for our members.

In 2022 we proudly added Codeable (global WordPress freelance marketplace with a similar vetting process & model to our own), EIO Solutions (subscription HR services), KM Steven (class action settlements), Schooley Mitchell (cost reduction & business optimization), Equivesto (equity crowdfunding platform), PERA Growth Hub (funding partners), Pocketed (grant platform), and Remote Employee (outsourcing).

We’re in discussion with even more great partners to help businesses in 2023.

Networking & Events

Although Cansulta is a 100% online, global platform, we recognize the value of meeting and getting to know people in-person. This year, we attended many conferences and events virtually and in-person, to spread the word about Cansulta and to meet as many business leaders as possible. Let us know about upcoming events and we’ll try to see you there!

This year, we also launched our own online events, beginning with our weekly Ask A Consultant series, and by hosting two exciting webinars: “Unlock the Potential of Web3 and NFTs for your Business” with Line Tousignant and “Generating Sales During a Recession” with Rebecca Parry. Contact our Concierge for team for the recordings! These were a big hit and we’ll be hosting more sessions in the new year.


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