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This can be the best moment for your business
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In these days, for sure, we will experience a re-evaluation of the priorities and a re-evaluation of the ways in which business is experienced and approached.

We will have shifts into our family life, into our business life, into our social life, but it has not to be all bad. Actually, we can use this period as an opportunity to really pivot and expand and, for example, build a new business, or expand our already existing business.

Right now many of us are forced to stay home, have much more time that can be used for purposeful things and for useful things.

So beyond getting stressed for not being able to go out, we can actually thrive into this situation by either deciding to do something to support our business like attending a course, getting new skills, or if we have a service-based business, really put ourselves out at the service of other people that are at home and need every kind of support.

I perfectly understand that it depends on the niche but the capacity to pivot at this time is a priority to keep thriving.

For example, if we are coaches, healers, therapists, we can package some lessons, some services, that we can offer online. If we are any kind of teacher, or if we are aligned to any kind of teacher archetype, meaning that we are good at sharing information, we can package this information into some sort of deliverable and put it online for people to benefit from it.

The most important thing is that it doesn’t have to be difficult. It doesn’t have to be stressful. It can, in fact, be very easy and very basic in the way it can be delivered, for example, as email dripping or as audios. You can choose a format that you prefer, but this is a time to really do it.


So, in which way can you thrive in this period?

First of all, you need to keep up a high vibration, high energy. This does not mean that you need to neglect all the things that are happening and acting as if, but please be very careful of the information that you ingest and just keep the information as information. Don’t go into a panic, but stay in leadership mode, and in the providing-the-service mode, so that you can really be of service for people.

Consume your information wisely. Don’t get involved by the collective energy that brings you down. Focus on your business. Focus on what you want to give to the people to make them feel better. Focus on what you want to provide to support them, and just deliver it in one way or another.

You can do videos on YouTube, you can do Facebook Lives, you can do Instagram TV, you can do a podcast, you can do an email dripping. You can do whatever you want, and it doesn’t even need to be super structured. Right now, people just want to be supported, just want to be uplifted, just need to be uplifted. So, please shift the mindset. Just leave the victim mode, step up and lead, and really be the pioneer of a new paradigm. This will be the new paradigm and it will be something beneficial for the new generations, as well, because it will be more sustainable. So please, with this mindset, go into the world and shine your light.

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