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How to fix half-baked B2B marketing strategies [6 examples]
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As a B2B marketer, you’ve probably published a blog post or two in your time. While that’s a smart move, publishing only blog posts is like taking a cake out of the oven half baked. A complete content marketing system of case studies, white papers and blog posts is the key to B2B marketing strategies that command attention as a thought leader and drive sales.

In this article, we’ll explore content marketing strategy examples from six B2B companies, including tech brands and professional services firms, to help you unleash your brilliance and generate more revenue. These strategies include:

  • A system of content assets
  • Free tools and education
  • A values-driven portfolio
  • Simplifying the message
  • A customer-centric approach

In-depth research

6 irresistible B2B content marketing examples:

1. Datadog: a system of content assets

Datadog is a cloud application security platform with expertise in areas like IoT monitoring and machine learning, and a customer list of heavy hitters like Deloitte and Samsung. And, you can bet that the Datadog brand didn’t get to where it is today by publishing blog posts alone.

Datadog has a full roster of case studies on its website, helping the company support sales enablement by telling real stories about real customers who got results using Datadog’s software. The company also has a robust library of white papers and ebooks on topics like improving uptime and monitoring cloud apps to build the brand’s credibility and help its audience learn.

2. HubSpot: free tools and education  

As an inbound marketing software company, HubSpot sells products for customer relationship management, content management, social media marketing, search engine optimization and more. The company also offers a free CRM as well as free online training for marketers, salespeople and customer service professionals. 

These free tools and education are the icing on the cake that support key B2B marketing strategies for HubSpot by delivering immense value to its audience before they ever spend a dime. HubSpot’s certifications in content marketing, email marketing and social media marketing (to name only a few) have become popular among industry professionals who show off their credentials on LinkedIn, further spreading brand awareness for HubSpot. The company also has a ton of case studies and white papers on its website to round out a strong content marketing program.

3. NATIONAL Public Relations: a values-driven portfolio

Public relations aims to create a point of view about a company or its products. In keeping with that goal, NATIONAL Public Relations has created case studies that showcase the company’s own values through its work.

When paired with the firm’s B2B marketing strategies, this approach allows NATIONAL to build a relationship based on trust and transparency with its audience, by communicating that the company only works with honourable and reputable organizations. NATIONAL’s content marketing strategy examples include displaying a portfolio that highlights merit, so the firm can maintain that it, too, is making a positive impact alongside its clients.

4. Salesforce: simplifying the message 

Salesforce has been a dominant player in the tech space for over two decades, and the company’s B2B marketing strategies have evolved along with its growth. In 2019, Salesforce closed one of its largest deals ever, acquiring data visualization software company Tableau for $15.3 billion. Salesforce also bought MuleSoft in 2018 for $6.5 billion, which entered the former company into yet another vertical — data integration. 

It’s no secret that acquisitions make market positioning and branding more complex. Salesforce has worked to simplify its message so its brand identity remains clear to customers. In 2019, the company launched a marketing campaign called “We Bring Companies and Customers Together” to show real world examples of how various businesses use Salesforce technology. Does the company use case studies and white papers, too? You better believe it.

5. Zoom: a customer-centric approach

Video conferencing software company Zoom uses several B2B marketing strategies to stay on top. While the COVID-19 crisis has made the organization a household name, Zoom was using solid strategies long before the pandemic to establish its unique value and drive business growth. 

For example, Zoom is relentlessly committed to product quality and customer satisfaction. The company spends a significant amount of time listening to customer feedback and improving user experience as a result. Zoom also provides a free product to attract users and offer insight into the features and experience that the paid subscription delivers. And of course, the company publishes case studies regularly.

6. McKinsey & Company: in-depth research

Consulting firm McKinsey & Company is a pioneer in thought leadership content marketing strategy examples. Through partnerships with doctors, engineers, designers, business managers, civil servants, entrepreneurs and scientists, McKinsey & Company has established its authority as a distinctive trailblazer in business consulting.

Pairing business guidance with contributions from recognized professionals in various fields allows McKinsey to harness the strongest elements of a content strategy to deliver value and build trust. In-depth research and expert analysis demonstrates the firm’s expertise in its B2B marketing strategies. 

Need help executing your B2B marketing strategies? 

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