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Misconceptions About Consulting
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Misconceptions about Consulting Large

Consulting: an expensive service offered by “experts” who are all talk, and no action. Is that really what consulting is? 

Let’s explore the most common misconceptions of consulting, and explore why hiring a consultant could be worth your while.

It’s expensive

It’s true: consulting offered by large firms can be obscenely expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. Of course, consultants do charge a premium for their years of expertise, and working with big consulting firms will often come at a price.

The good news is, there is another model that works differently! Cansulta is an entirely online consultancy platform that charges you directly for the consultant’s time products, and services, not for the overhead of the firm.

Small businesses can’t hire consultants

Small businesses can absolutely hire consultants! Businesses of every size deserve access to the world class knowledge and services of expert consultants.

Cansulta is committed to helping small businesses grow, and is aware of the unique difficulties that come with starting, maintaining, and growing a small business.

Consultants = Freelancers

Contrary to popular belief, consultants are often not freelancers in the traditional sense. Unlike gig workers or “taskers”, consultants aren’t usually hired to complete one-time services, products, or projects. Instead, they usually form longer-term relationships with their clients to offer advice, plans, and strategies that are unique and tailored to your business. Great consultants become an extension of your team, and you’ll benefit from their expert knowledge and years of experience.

Consultants are all talk, no action (all theory, no practice)

Many people believe that consultants just give advice without doing any “real” or practical work. While it’s true that consultants do excel at advising based on their years of expertise and exposure to a variety of industries and businesses, this doesn’t give us the whole picture.

Most consultants are often eager to help their clients with hands-on work and may like to direct, oversee, or execute important work for your business. If your consultant doesn’t suggest tackling the work, don’t be shy to ask if s/he is interested and what the timing and budget for such a service would entail.

Now that we’ve dispelled some of the misconceptions surrounding consulting, consider working with consultants.

If you’re interested in hiring a consultant to take your business to the next level, check out our consultants on

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