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We’re proud to be a Collision partner, joining today’s most innovative companies at one of the world’s largest tech conferences!

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Cansulta's gift to all conference attendees includes:

  • FREE Intro Meetings with our experts
  • FREE Business Personality Profile ($50 value)
  • FREE 1-month premium subscription to ($199 value)
  • FREE 1-month free trial of Cansulta’s new VIP Membership ($99 value)

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Stop Googling “best ___” every time you need help. Cansulta’s diverse roster of experts span every business specialization, and our platform lets you filter by skills and industry experience to find the right support in minutes.

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Get more than advice

Many of our consultants offer full-service solutions to improve your marketing, finances, leadership team, and more. Choose from pre-arranged packages or work on a custom program for your unique needs.

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Expertise you can trust

Our five-step vetting process ensures every consultant on the platform is at the top of their field and can deliver on the promises they make

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Flexible, affordable, and risk-free solutions

Sign up, browse our consultant roster, talk to our Concierge about your needs, and book introductions—all for free. Then, pay only for the services you need by the hour or by project (with none of the overhead of a traditional consultancy)

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"It was a fantastic experience working with my consultant. She suggested fresh ideas that had a meaningful impact on the U+ team and business, and really drove the growth of the organization."

Kevin Lin

Director, U+ Education

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