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Alex E.

Head of Growth and Partnerships, Leyton

Optimizing financial performance for Canadian & US companies with SRED, R&D and Employment incentives, GRANTS
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Audrey G.

Consulting Manager SR&ED - IT, Leyton

Maximizing your business finances through Innovation Funding and SR&ED Tax Credits
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Flora T.

SR&ED Consulting Manager

Maximizing your business finances through Innovation Funding and SR&ED Tax Credit
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George D.

Strategic Business Development Consultant

I help businesses improve efficiency and develop strategies to scale.
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Jeffrey F.

Management Consulting | Strategy for New and Growing Businesses

Helping businesses with fundraising, growth, go to market and operational strategy.
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Joseph L.

Class Action Hero

Helping you recover what you’re owed through Class Action settlements.
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Lawrence T.

Proven, Growth CEO

Proven, growth CEO, at transforming businesses for maximum growth realization.
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Mark W.

Innovator and Business Advisor

I help clients identify their challenges, deeply understand their roots and impact(s), and work together with them to formulate evidence-based, practical recommendations.
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Mathew E.

Serial Social Entrepreneur

Creating a new world that is better, greener, safer, more efficient and productive through the global bridging of innovation.
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Yasin D.

Business and Financial Consultant

To Understand and Hedge Your Financial Risks
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