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Business Strategy, Operations, Product & Design


Business Strategy
Product & Design

You might be small, but you dare to dream BIG!

We are passionate about giving all entrepreneurs an opportunity to build a successful business. Whether you are starting from scratch or feeling stagnated, the BootUp360 platform is your co-pilot, assisting you in navigating through your entrepreneurial journey.

We have invested thousands of hours of research into building the incubation tools to guide you in your idea exploration. These thought-provoking tools are designed to be comprehensive yet short-n-sweet, sophisticated yet simple to use, and focused yet exploratory.


The Discover 360 business bundle packs 7 powerful tools that you will use to explore your seed idea with confidence. With this innovative and structured approach, you will gain a 360-degree view of your idea and be able to validate it through experimentation. You begin with an idea canvas, followed by a series of tools such as disruption potential, idea pressure test, customer journey, experiment design, early product-market fit, and finally identifying your minimal viable product (MVP).

The Growth 360 business bundle packs 7 powerful tools that you will use to take your business to the next level. With this innovative and structured approach, you will build the strategies to get off the plateau and begin growing your business. You will start with a SWOT analysis, followed by a series of tools, such as creating the customer journey, building the marketing and sales strategies, identifying your real customers & users, exploring potential partnerships, and discovering revenue sources.


As you work through these tools, you will receive expert feedback from mentors and experts to ensure you are on track.

We are by your side as you navigate through your idea. All the best!

Key features of the Bootup360 platform:

  • Sophisticated Tools & Methodologies
    The sophisticated yet simple-to-follow hands-on tools foster holistic thinking while developing an idea and building the business. Lean startup principles and methodologies are incorporated into the tools.
  • Integrated Mentorship
    Integrated mentorship on the platform enables founders to receive meaningful guidance, and thus significantly improving their chance of success.
  • Industry-agnostic
    The platform captures the essentials of all business types and is industry agnostic. The framework and tools on the platform allow founders to develop any kind of idea whether it is digital or physical, a product or a service.
  • 360 degree coverage
    A rich set of 25+ business incubation tools covers the key aspects of business incubation – from ideation to market-launch, and everything in between such as MVP, product-market fit, revenue model, sales & marketing strategies, financing options, investor pitch, and many more.

“The incubation tools radically accelerated our thought process and enabled us to explore options and opportunities that we would have otherwise ignored. The integrated mentorship support and guidance was extremely valuable during our incubation period.”

— Srikanta Biswal, Co-Founder & CEO at BYER


“As a startup, it is a challenge to figure out the best next steps that make sense given the limited resources and time. The incubator platform helped me to strategize marketing and sales for Euryka Data Management Inc. Further, I was able to fine-tune our strategy based on the feedback from the mentor and came up with an impactful action plan.”

— Jane Estrada, Founder, EURYKA Data Management Inc.


“The mentorship support helped me in developing a proper business plan and setting achievable goals for my business. This really helped provide me with the formal skills and tools needed when I started the business.”

— Catherine Kamara, Founder, KATHY’s Kitchen, Africa

  • Business Strategy
  • Operations
  • Product & Design

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