"And So, She Left"

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Leaving the corporate world isn’t easy. Your journey to break free and pursue your passion can feel lonely, disheartening, and stressful.
But you’re not alone. And you can be successful. 

And So, She Left” shares stories from extraordinary women who are changing the world. Learn how they beat impossible odds, came to trust themselves, and ultimately found success doing what they love.

Hosted by Katherin VasilopoulosMade by Cansulta and Ethan Lee.


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Season 2 is here!

New episodes of “And So, She Left” arrived on January 24, 2024. Seasons 2 and 3 feature:

Episodes: Season 1

  1. Dom Farnan, Founder & CEO, DotConnect
  2. Margery Kraus, Founder & Executive Chairman, APCO Worldwide
  3. Suze Yalof SchwartzCEO & Founder, Unplug Meditation
  4. Sabrina FiorellinoCo-Founder & CEOFero International
  5. Cassie & Jackie CollierCo-Founders, The Bundle Game
  6. Erin Schnarr, PresidentCompenSage
  7. Special Edition: Conversation & Advice w/ Erin Schnarr, PresidentCompenSage and Jessica CeratoNumerologist
  8. Stacey Tisdale, CEO & PresidentMind Money Media
  9. Surabhi YadavFounder and CEOSajheSapne
  10. Terri Phipps, Founder & CEO and Mary MorrisonCo-Founder & SVP Partnerships, Wilma Technologies
  11. Kelly FossProducer & HostMillennial Minimalists
  12. Bonus episode: What is Minimalism? with Kelly Foss and T.K. Coleman
  13. Special Edition: Conversation & Advice w/ Suze Yalof Schwartz, CEO & Founder, Unplug Meditation with Abby McCoy, OwnerEvicom
  14. Istiana Bestari, Co-FounderMonday Girl
  15. Megan Rafuse, CEO & Co-Founder, Shift Collab
  16. Michelle Redo, Audio Producer & Writer, “Daring To Tell” podcast and Flying Pig Audio
  17. Rosemary Thompson, Co-Founder, Stratégies Artful
  18. Vivian Chen, Founder & CEO, Heyo & Rise
  19. Jessie Frances, Vintage and Preloved Fashion Expert, Cappuccinos and Consignment
  20. Thilde Peterson, Founder, Clock School
  21. Nadine Kenney Johnstone, Author, Holistic Writing Coach, Women’s Retreat Leader, Podcast Host, WriteWELL
  22. Felicia Shakiba, Founder, Podcast Host, & Global Leadership & HR Consultant, CPO Playbook
  23. Special Edition: The Family Episode 
  24. Special Edition: On Family with host Katherin, showrunner Alex & creator/producer Ethan
  25. Nadia ButtFounder & Principal ConsultantNaz Consulting, Co-Host, Inclusive Collective podcast
  26. Chrystal Toop, Founder and StorytellerBlackbird Medicines
  27. Paula Festas, Co-founder and CEO, Huumans
  28. Anna Li, Founder, Healing Journey Retreats
  29. Candice (Stewart) CollisonCo-founder, CEO & Creative DirectorOfanOrigin
  30. Andria Barrett, Consultant, Speaker, and FounderThe Diversity Agency
  31. Afton Brazzoni, Founder, Scribe National
  32. Maisa Mumtaz-CassidyFounder and CEOConsciously
  33. 2023 Winners of the SheaMoisture Canada DreamFund – Part 1: Anita Grant (Hello Hair), Kristina Knox (Arbre), Monique Pitt (Gyallivant), Oluwaseyi Adaghe (Roun Beauty), Salem Berhane (IncluSV Beauty Solutions)
  34. Kristine BeeseFounder and CEOUntangle Money
  35. 2023 Winners of the SheaMoisture Canada DreamFund – Part 2: Anita Grant (Hello Hair), Kristina Knox (Arbre), Monique Pitt (Gyallivant), Oluwaseyi Adaghe (Roun Beauty), Salem Berhane (IncluSV Beauty Solutions)
  36. Shara Ruffin, Clinical Social Worker & Supervisor, Author, LinkedIn Advisor, Podcaster, and CEOJourney To Licensure
  37. Tiffany Jones-Lewis, FounderTJL Collection
  38. Jenn Harper, Founder & CEOCheekbone Beauty
  39. Dr. Cindy Wahler, Leadership Consultant, Leadership Excellence and Founder, Bite Me Cookie
  40. Michelle PetersCEOSupplino
  41. Christina MinshullFounderThe Brand Audit
  42. Christelle Biiga, Founder & CEOExposure Maven
  43. Leah Carr, CEOtilr
Dom Farnan, CEO of DotConnect
kraus margery sq2

“What you learn at home is really important to the workplace. 

It defines how you use your time and how you relate to people, and how you create values.”

Margery Kraus, Founder & Executive Chairman, APCO Worldwide

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ep17 rosemarythompson
dom farnan 2022

“Everything is already perfect, and everything that happens in your life is already written. 

So it’s all part of the story: good, bad or ugly.”

Dom FarnanFounder + CEO, DotConnect

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