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360° Leadership Circle Profile™ Assessment & Executive Coaching


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Do you know how your behaviors and mindset are enabling or constraining your leadership effectiveness and business performance? Take the Leadership Circle Profile™ and gain insights to make transformative change for yourself and your organization.

Alfreda McCray
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This is a tool that brings clarity to leadership challenges and opportunities, and builds leadership identity, emotional intelligence, confidence, clarity, and purpose. 40% Fortune 50 companies use the LCP. Unlike a typical leadership assessment, a 360° leadership assessment takes into account feedback from evaluators (boss, peers, direct reports, others) as well as a self-assessment to gauge leadership skills, influence, overall effectiveness, and other key competencies relating to leadership. 

Here’s What You’ll Get

A comprehensive 360° leadership assessment and debrief so that you’ll know what contributes and detracts from your leadership effectiveness, and (6) bi-weekly hour 1:1 coaching sessions with a Certified Leadership Circle Profile Practitioner, Board Certified Executive Leadership Coach (BCC), International Coach Federation (ICF) Professional Certified Coach (PCC) to accelerate growth and development as a leader. This program includes support in three phases:


  • Leadership Circle Profile™ Pre-Brief (30-min) A walkthrough of all the  steps to prepare for the LCP e.g. scheduling the assessment, identifying prospective evaluators, what to expect in the debrief, and an overview of the LCP Creative Competencies and Reactive Styles.
  • Leadership Circle Profile™Assessment Administration of the online assessment, including collection of 360° input from the leader’s boss, peers, direct reports, others and the leader’s own self-assessment, and delivery of assessment results via email.
  • Debrief Process (90-min) Dive into your Leadership Circle Profile™ graph profile and review all feedback, discuss areas for growth during a 90-minute debrief to discuss your current role, aspirations, and leadership influences.

Coaching and Development

  • Leadership Development Plan Develop a co-created action plan with your coach that identifies ‘One Big Thing’—the most important goal that will accelerate your development. The plan also identifies behaviors to start and stop doing in order to achieve the One Big Thing.
  • (6) 60-minute 1:1 Executive/Leadership Coaching Sessions
    Meet virtually in a confidential space with an Executive/Leadership coach to support accountability and gain the clarity to do your best thinking and accelerate your goals; spend time between sessions working on micro-learning activities to close developmental gaps.
  • Mid-Point Check-in Measure progress against goals at the mid-way point to determine areas in need of further development or course correction.

Sustainment & Transition

  • Completion Interview Set up for success beyond the engagement. Review goals and reflect on progress, and discuss outstanding challenges or needs for ongoing support.
  • Program Evaluation Provide feedback to improve the experience in a short program survey to support continuous improvement.

Timeline & Time Investment

  • A specific timeframe for execution will be agreed between Client and Consultant after purchase. Estimated time investment ~10 hrs across 3-6 mos.


  • Out-of-scope or additional requests will require a separate Engagement

Summary Of Deliverables

  • Custom Program Schedule
  • Assessment Tip Sheets
  • Leadership Circle Profile™Assessment (360-degree multi-rater leadership circle profile assessment)
  • Debrief (90-min) Leadership Circle Profile™ graph, qualitative results, and interpreter guide
  • Tailored Leadership Development Plan
  • Mid-Point Check-in Survey
  • Program Evaluation Survey
  • Unlimited virtual support as needed between sessions
  • (6) 1 hr. 1:1 Coaching Sessions
  • Weekly Progress Reports

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