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911 Session for Business or Life


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  • Operations


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Is something suddenly changing in your world? Do you need a quick chat, a way to organize chaos, get some perspective, or develop some next steps to get started on a path to your desired outcome? Contact me and we’ll figure it out!

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A current or recent event or idea could be something you want, or it could be a disruption or situation you didn’t ask for, but there it is! And now you have to pivot and transform something within your organization or your life.

Is it throwing you for a loop? Is it urgent? Do you need to talk to someone to get an objective perspective?

Disruptions are happening with greater frequency and intensity – the economy, fallout from the pandemic, competitors, stakeholder issues, issues management, productivity issues, budget cuts, resistance to new technology or processes.

Give me a call and we can assess the situation, uncover some options, discuss the outcomes you want, look at how you might get it, and make some decisions.

Scope and Deliverables:

  • Desired Outcome(s)
  • Assessment of Situation (challenge; resources)
  • Timeline
  • Options
  • Recommendation
  • Follow-up/Next Steps

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