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Are your clients clear on what you are all about? Do you have to compete on price because your offer is perceived as very similar to the competition?  Is there a white space opportunity in the market that you are missing? A clear brand positioning is a key success factor for your business growth.

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As a start-up or as a well-established company, your brand positioning is the foundation of your brand strategy, the key to building and communicating your competitive advantage(s).


Using a very collaborative and proven approach, I will help you make clear decisions about your positioning and core message that will engage and convert your target audience.


As part of the process, I will review your current performance, objectives, target audience and strategy. The timing for this process is dependent on many factors, such as the scope of your offer, and the required scope of primary and secondary research.



1-hour kick-off session to align on priorities, objectives, processes, and responsibilities and to identify key members of your team. Regular meetings will also occur during the process to keep the CLIENT up to date on progress. The number and schedule of meetings will be agreed on after kick-off.


The kick-off will be followed by:


  • Key Stakeholder working sessions

  What works and what doesn’t for you today

  Your perception of strengths and weaknesses compared to competitors

  Discussion on perceived gaps in your value proposition

  Your vision of the solutions and opportunities in the market

  Internal issues or limitations that make it difficult to compete in the market

  •   Competitive analysis based on desk research
  •   Review of your value proposition and key differentiator(s) in the market
  •   Review of target audience profiles, decision-making process, needs, and expectations using available research or by conducting customer research.

  If customer research is required, it will include:

  Participants screener

  Participants recruitment

  Discussion guide or survey preparation

  Interviews or survey

  Interview analysis

  Findings report

  •   Alignment of your core message with your competitive advantage(s), business objectives, customer needs and operations.
  • 1–2-hour session to deliver final positioning and recommendations.





TIMING: 4-12 weeks depending on various factors. A specific timeframe for execution will be agreed upon between the Client and Consultant during a preliminary 1-hour consultation. An SOW agreement will be signed between Consultant and Client to ensure clarity of scope and responsibilities.



  •   Brand Positioning includes two rounds of revisions based on Client feedback
  •   The Client will provide relevant source materials & data, company brand and assets guidelines, and access to previous market research
  •   The Client will involve key stakeholders and ensure their availability for meetings. Meetings will be scheduled ahead of time with a clear agenda.



  Brand identity, customer experience, communication plan. Out of scope or additional requests will require a separate engagement.

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