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Step-by-step instructions on how to capture and communicate the true value you offer your customers.

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Why write a story?

Both history and modern studies have shown stories to be the most effective & efficient way to communicate. By following simple story structures, like depicting a hero conquering their foe, the true value of the solution you offer will start to make perfect sense. Customers will see the life-changing impact of what you offer; employees will understand the bigger mission they contribute to; investors will grasp the impact you can make in the world; and you yourself will constantly be reminded of why you go to work every morning.

That’s the importance of a story; this guide will help you write yours.

If in going through this guide, you would like additional support, simply book a one- or two-hour consulting session with me. Together we’ll get your story on paper.


This guide and the insights it contains are for use by you and your business only. By downloading this guide, you agree not to replicate or in any way monetize it. 

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