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Build: Growing the business


  • Business Strategy


  • Plan


You need to have more money coming into the organization for your plan to work.  You might need growth overall, or you might have an initiative or program that you want to expand - something that seems to be working well but isn’t quite delivering as fully as you think it could.  Let’s take a look to see what needs to be in place for that growth to happen.

Michele Davies
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I once ran a program that had been tested for 7 people in one city.  The vision was for this program to grow to 1,000 people across all of Canada.  I could no longer physically see the people I was working with, I couldn’t store their paperwork in a file folder, and the collaboration required was intense and very much more complex.  Growth isn’t a linear process, so having a high level plan and timeline is really helpful to identify where pressure points will be and how to get through them. Similarly we would explore your growth plans as follows:



  • Interview leading executive – where is the growth expected, what parts of the business are involved.
  • Interview up to 5 others to outline current state of the business.
  • Up to 5 Discussions to identify the skills, systems, information, processes that need to work differently when at scale.
  • Look for alternatives where there are gaps
  • Discussions with line(s) of business impacted to review skills,  systems, information processes currently, and when at scale. Seek agreement on gaps and potential alternatives.
  • Review with leading executive, identify strengths and challenges for growth plan.
  • Finalize report, present findings.



1)  Interview notes

2) Workshop with lines of business impacted

3) Final report

4) Presentation (if required) of final report



Growth roadmap identifying changes to people, processes, technologies and information required for scaling the business, gaps that might happen, and suggestions to deal with those.


TIMING: 1 month


ASSUMPTIONS: The key assumption is access to individuals in the company for discussions throughout the process.

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