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Change Capacity Assessment (CCA) with live review – for Teams


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The Change Capacity Assessment (CCA) evaluates 51 mindsets and beliefs that are critical to successfully implementing and sustaining positive transformation. It provides leaders with a data-driven approach to identify potential obstacles and areas of opportunity toward a successful change strategy. With just a ten-minute survey, you’ll receive critical, relevant insights to help ensure your business can sustain positive change.

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Is your business currently planning or undergoing a major change? What is your organization’s capacity to manage this change well from a People perspective? How likely is your team to either embrace or resist the change?

Gain an intimate understanding of your business’ ability to implement and sustain a positive transformation. The Change Capacity Assessment (CCA) is a comprehensive report that gives you relevant insights into your team’s change capacity.  

The CCA evaluates 51 mindsets and beliefs to help identify the capacity of the business to collaborate well, extend its horizon, integrate ideas into actions, reliably deliver quality, and proactively anticipate challenges. It also helps to identify the presence of a Lone Wolf or Role Model, which are individuals or small groups of individuals who are negatively or positively influencing the organization as a whole.

So what? Why does this matter to you?
Using qualified data science:

  1. Ensure your business has the capacity to drive strategic shifts and manage positive change. 
  2. Educate your team on known cultural obstacles that can affect the success of your business.
  3. Monitor the success of change initiatives based on KPIs and key cultural indicators.
  4. Identify the presence of an individual that is negatively or positively affecting the team as a whole.

Culture can eat strategy for breakfast: make sure it doesn’t happen in your business.

In this version, up to 10 team members complete the Assessment and the results are combined into an integrated Company report.

Once all participants have completed the Assessment, schedule a 30-minute online meeting with a member of our team to receive and review the integrated report.

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