$4,000.00 excluding tax

Company Branding

Custom Offer


Research and identification of the branding image, development of the logo, branding colors, fonts, and icons, corporate image, and delivery of a branding manual.

Beatrice Lugano
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The company branding offer will begin sending a questionnaire that the client has to complete, after receiving it back, a two-hour meeting will be set to discuss it together. After the brief is clear, I will begin with the process of ideation of the logo and the colors, refining it until I will present three options to the client.

Once the final version is decided, I will work on it, always keeping asynchronous contact with the client and, if needed, setting up one or more live meetings.

Depending on the number of reworks and meetings it will take me 3-4 weeks to complete the process.

The final result will be delivered as a portable pdf but as well as a website link that comprehends all of the information.

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