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Competitive analysis


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Know your competitors. Find their strengths and weaknesses. Identify and build on your competitive edge to drive your business to the next level.

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I will review your key competitors’ value proposition, positioning, website customer experience, brand perception via social listening, marketing activities on social networks, and SEO strategy performance.  

A competitive analysis will provide your company with actionable insights for changes or improvement of your marketing strategies, service, and product definition, or even to pivot your business.


Optional: Customer research



  • 1-hour kick-off meeting to align on priorities and for the Client to provide an overview of the industry, their current strategy, pain points and objectives.
  • Review of competitors
    • Value proposition
    • Positioning
    • Website customer experience
    • Digital Marketing activities
  • Social networks presence and performance
  • SEO performance and keywords driving traffic
    • Customer research to understand target audience awareness and level of satisfaction of your brand vs competitors, their decision-making process and purchase criteria. (optional and out of scope)



  •   Findings report (pdf) that will include:
    • Competitors’ Positioning and core message
    • Competitors’ website review: Clarity, use of best practices, pain points
    • Social media presence and performance
    • SEO performance and keywords driving traffic
  •   Recommendations


TIMING:  3-4 weeks for competitive analysis without customer research

If customer research is added, the timing will be determined based on the scope and methodology of the research.



  • The Client will provide 3-5 competitors’ names and website
  • The Client will be available to answer questions as necessary during work in progress
  • Expenses related to tools used for competitive analysis, such as social listening tools and social media performance analysis will be covered by the Client and submitted for approval before purchase.



  • Customer research is out of scope and will require a separate agreement.

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