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Customer Experience Strategy


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Is your customer experience inconsistent or not clearly defined? Do you have a high rate of cart abandonment? Maybe you are not clear on what your customers want? Or do internal misalignments contribute to a less than optimized customer experience?  Time to map a customer experience aligning your business objectives with your customers’ needs.

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The customer experience strategy focuses on gathering insights from your target audience using existing research or conducting customer interviews.  It also includes key stakeholder interviews to understand your business objectives, priorities, and operational limitations or constraints.  Using insights from the research, I will draft a detailed step by step customer experience from awareness to loyalty, giving you a clear roadmap to seize opportunities to engage and convert your audience at each step of their shopping journey



  • 1-hour kick-off meeting to learn more about your industry, business, and your target audience. This session will also be used to determine who from your organization will participate in stakeholder interviews, a very important preliminary step to defining the research objectives.
  • Working session with stakeholders to define the research objectives.
  • Customer research review if available or Primary research which includes
    • Participants screener
    • Participants recruitment
    • Discussion guide
    • Interviews
    • Interviews analysis
  •   Findings report
    • Insights on customers’ needs, expectations, and behavior supported by interview video excerpts
  •   Persona definition
    • Purchase drivers
    • Social networks preferences
    • Decision-making process
    • Perception of your brand
  •   Alignment of business objectives and customers’ needs
  •   Customer experience journey mapping includes opportunities at each touchpoint and each step of the journey



  •   Screener for participants recruitment (word document) (to be approved by the Client)
  •   A discussion guide (word document) (to be approved by the Client)
  •   Findings from research
  •   Personas
  •   Customer journey map (to be approved by the Client)
  •   Recommendations and road map


TIMING:  8-16 weeks (highly variable as dependent on multiple factors)



  • The customer journey map will include up to 2 revisions.
  • Costs related to the research are to be covered by the Client, for example:
  • Cost for participants’ recruitment
  • Cost for screening and interview tools
  • Incentives for participants


  • The Client will provide relevant source materials & data, company brand and assets guidelines, and access to previous market research
  • The Client will involve key stakeholders and ensure their availability for meetings. Meetings will be scheduled ahead of time with clear agenda.
  • The Client will approve deliverables on time as defined in SOW



  • Marketing and communication plan

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