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EIO People Monthly HR Subscription

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Peace of Mind, Efficiency, Engagement. 

EIO offers hands-on support for every aspect of employee management to streamline processes, reduce exposure to liabilities, and transform your culture. 

Plans start at $650 per month.

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Get more than an HR hotline for emergencies only.

Get an employee-management partner who’ll work with you to build a better workplace.

This monthly retainer is for HR with intent. We won’t just manage paperwork and keep policies up to date. We’ll work proactively to avoid fines and lawsuits, reduce turnover, keep employees safe, healthy, & engaged, and improve your culture.

We’ll focus on things like:

  • Health & Safety Compliance
  • Training & Certifications
  • Employee Manuals, Policies & Procedures
  • Performance Reviews
  • Injury Reporting & Return-to-Work Plans
  • Role Clarification & Job Descriptions
  • Online Document Storage with Key Date Reminders
  • Payroll (Paid Add-On)
  • Recruiting (Paid Add-On)
  • Health and Safety Training (Paid Add-On)
  • Health Benefits (Paid Add-On)

With the help of an EIO Manager, you’ll finally be able to shift gears when managing your people. Instead of putting out fires, you’ll gain control of your workplace and be empowered to optimize investments in your people.

The best part: EIO is a self-funded service. The money you save by avoiding issues and improving operations can completely offset your investment in working with an EIO Manager. With any surplus, you could then choose to invest in new training programs, wellness benefits, retirement plans, and more.

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Price $650.00 excluding tax
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