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Fiscal Health & Data Review


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Understand your business performance and identify weaknesses and opportunities through the lens of your financial statements and sales/product data. Get a straight-forward operator’s look at what the data says in plain language.

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Marcus Lemonis says if you don’t know your numbers, you don’t know your business.

This service includes an operator’s analysis of your company’s fiscal health, weaknesses, and opportunities. This is not a technical accounting review or audit; the focus is on finding actionable insights for management to improve the business and explaining it in clear language.

If you rarely look deeply at your financials or sales/product data, or if you want to learn how you should be thinking about those things, then this service is a must. And even if you live in the numbers already, sometimes having an outside perspective can mine new insights for your business. 


This service will produce the best results when combined with a Strategy & Operating Review. Purchase the Comprehensive Business Review to receive both services and save 10%!


SCOPE: Review of Income Statement (Profit & Loss), Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow Statement (up to 3 years of statements) and your key sales/product data.

DELIVERABLES/OUTPUTS: A straight-forward report in operator’s language explaining potential problems and improvements/opportunities with the business, focusing on things like operating expense, margin, revenue mix, and profitability. Includes a preliminary consult of up to 1 hour + a debrief meeting of up to 1 hour + 2 weeks of follow-up support via messaging.

TIMING: Generally within 1-2 weeks of preliminary consult and receiving all necessary data from the client. Client and consultant to discuss specific timeline prior to engagement. Rush service may be available.

ASSUMPTIONS: Client responsible for providing all data in an acceptable format and limited access to bookkeeper / accounting liaison to answer clarifying questions. We will discuss during the free call to assess fit if I am able to help you based on your available data. Clients with little or no structure to their finances or data reporting may be referred to an accounting/data specialist first to get the proper systems in place.

ACCEPTABLE FORMATS: Financial statements prepared by a professional accountant OR generated automatically by accounting software; product/sales data reports generated automatically by business intelligence software OR Excel exports direct from POS/CRM system (must be in a structured summary view)

UNACCEPTABLE FORMATS: Tax returns, bank statements, or ad hoc / custom financial reports that don’t adhere to GAAP/IFRS format; POS/CRM system data exports presented as an unstructured raw data dump or other large unsummarized data set

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