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Group Benefits Employee Survey


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Are your group benefits structured properly, and valued by your employees?

An independent survey that allows your team to provide their feedback anonymously, allowing you to understand how your plan is serving your team and what changes need to be made. 

If you don't currently have a plan, what do you need to consider if you are looking to set up a new plan?

Aviva Abraham
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Maximize your group benefit dollars by making sure your coverage is set up in the best way, and serving your team’s needs. Employees’ needs and expectations have changed in the last 3 years, and too many employers are paying for plans that employees don’t appreciate or value. Increase attraction and retention rate of your employees by making sure your plan is strong, and customized to your team’s needs.

DELIVERABLES/OUTPUTS: Summary of survey results and recommendations for changes
TIMING: 1-2 weeks
ASSUMPTIONS: Team of minimum 6 people, either existing group plan, or intention to implement one in the next 4-6 months.

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