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Group Meeting Facilitation and Follow Up


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Experienced facilitation and documentation for group planning and/or discussion sessions.

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The Group Facilitation program offers a solution for those leaders who desire an objective third party to lead and document company group sessions. While for some, leading group planning or resolution discussions may be based on a lack of speaking experience or comfort, for many others it may be based on the desire for a “third party” approach in facilitating challenging or problematic business concerns.

An outsider as a meeting group guide offers an objective view and disciplined approach to identify, clarify, and resolve company challenges without the politics often associated with them. In addition, using an outside resource allows meeting participants to fully engage in discussion without concerns about the capture and documentation of content.  

Combining practical business experience with an objective viewpoint, your meeting guide can keep your meeting on track, capture the important information, document needed follow up steps, and provide a summary of the results, all without impacting the productivity of the company team.   


  • Cansulta Coach will: 
    • Work with you to find the schedule that best fits your groups need
    • Clarify the areas of focus/concern/planning, and the goals for the session
    • Host the meeting, summarize each discussion, list the action items and/or guidance, and provide a summary of the session results
    • Retain a confidential record of session notes for future reference as warranted.


  • Summary Report in MS Word format which includes:
    • Summary of meeting topics/agenda
    • Listing of topics, decisions, and action steps
    • Additional reference follow up recommendations as warranted



  • 2 pre-meeting planning prep sessions, in advance of the group session 
  • Facilitation of the group meeting including information capture and follow up action items
  • Documentation of the session results and follow up, with denoted follow up responsibilities as warranted


  • Client or client’s representative will provide constructive feedback and guidance during sessions
  • Client will provide all materials (space, boards, markers, snacks, etc) for the session
  • Client will support the session facilitator in keeping discussion focused and objective

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