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Hear: Voice of the Customer


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Sometimes all you really want to know is the truth. What do your customers, partners, members, employees really think of your firm? It’s tough to find out unless you can provide a safe way for them to tell you the good and the bad. 

Michele Davies
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I specialized in the Customer Value Management methodology at IBM and had the opportunity to interview many people to gather their insights as a way for an organization to determine where they could add more value. Although some clients chose a full social-science based focus group approach, many just wanted a simple conversation with people around some key questions. I can work with you to determine the right questions to ask, and then schedule and hold the interviews to provide you with an arms-length summary of feedback from your customers, partners, members or employees along the lines of the following: 



  • Interview leading executive –  what do you need to find out and from who?  What do you hope to gain from this information, how will it be used. 
  • Create ideal interview questions together.
  • Together with leading executive, select list of desired interviewees  (usually 2X interviews expected)
  • Contact potential interviewees, schedule up to 1 hr interview with up to 12 individuals.
  • Summarize interviews to key “takeaways” and recommendations.



  1. Question list
  2. Interviews (and notes) with 12-15 people
  3. Summary meeting to discuss findings
  4. Final report
  5. Presentation (if required) of final report



This achieves a deeper understanding of the perception of your organization.. 


TIMING: 1 month


ASSUMPTIONS: The key assumption is access to individuals for interviews and to the leading executive throughout the process.

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