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How to become Carbon Neutral


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The client’s buys of products / services require their suppliers to be “Carbon Neutral” to reduce their own carbon footprint. We help companies achieve this goal, in essence preserving their client base.

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Proven Reduction in Carbon Footprint at supplier company level, has practically become mandatory to facilitate sales to large corporations. If a supplier provides proof that has reduced Carbon Emissions, or is already “Carbon Neutral” suppliers products/Services can be sold easier, since the buyer will have to carry the burden and assume the cost of carrying Raw Materials or Finished products that were supplied by a Carbon Positive supplier. Facilitates selling to new large clients and greatly helps keeping existing customers (renewing existing Contracts).


SCOPE: Transitioning from Carbon Compliant to Carbon Neutral

DELIVERABLES/OUTPUTS: Immediate action (Acquisition of Voluntary Credits) to achieve Carbon Neutrality and Organic transition to Carbon Neutrality.

TIMING: 2 sessions of 1 Hour each for Voluntary Credits and 5 sessions of 1.5 hours each to organically reduce Carbon Emissions to become Carbon Neutral.

ASSUMPTIONS: The client provides all relevant input data the consultant requires.

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