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How to Become Compliant with Allowed Carbon Emissions


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Each part of the world is setting lower Carbon Allowances. If a company fails to achieve these levels, the company will have to pay “Carbon Tax”.

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The Carbon Tax can be either offset with the purchase of Carbon Credits, or the company will have to organically reduce its carbon emission levels, below the threshold set by the local authorities and jurisdictions. In more and more cases the company’s clients will require clients’ products to be carbon neutral. 


SCOPE: Identify current and projected Carbon Emission Allowances, depending on location, country and jurisdiction.

DELIVERABLES/OUTPUTS: Decide on a step by step methodology to achieve Carbon Compliance and if client’s buyers of goods services require decarbonization of products

TIMING: The whole analysis is expected to take 4-5 sessions of 1 hour per session.

ASSUMPTIONS: The client provides all relevant input data the consultant requires.

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