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Culture Change & Rejuvenation


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Future-proofing your organization’s culture can result in achieving next level success. With an agile, robust, and resilient culture, you will out-perform competitors, increase productivity and sales, and embed a sense of ownership and responsibility.

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Suzanne Scott
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Organizational Culture is the foundation upon which you build your business. Don’t be at the mercy of non-strategic decision-making, business units moving in different directions, and frustrated employees. To be successful will require a culture that’s future-proof and agile; a robust and resilient culture that is actualized by every employee every day. Not only will you be better prepared to take your organization to the next level, but you’ll also out-perform competitors, with this service you will increase productivity and sales, and embed a sense of ownership and responsibility. Culture should be the compelling reason for employees to want to come to work.


  • Comprehensive research of company’s history, including significant milestones (e.g., IPO), major competitor history and landscape
  • Revisit current core values
  • Work with a multi-functional, demographically mixed employee team to (i) construct the story of how the company arrived at its current state; (ii) ID enduring cultural elements, reasons why to establish cornerstones for the new culture intentions; and (iii) connect with ERGs (employee resource groups), conduct interviews, and mini-surveys



  • Consultant will used analyzed data to assess real-time cultural ‘read’
  • Consultant may conduct spot tests to get a sense of how current culture is playing out in everyday work behaviors
  • Develop Culture Bridge Plan which will include events, activities, and toolkit(s) for client use to maintain awareness, provide on-going support, and aid organization as the change takes place
  • Designate Cultural Guides and provide a “How To” manual for defining this role and what is expected of them
  • Deliver process for establishing “Safe Spaces” where employees can meet with HR, their manager, other employees, or Organization Culture Guides (employees) for confidential conversations about dealing with change, their fears, reservations, or to generate ideas, identify something that might have been missed so that it can be incorporated, etc.
  • Consultant will design and deliver training for Culture Guides, preparing them to be able to train others as the membership of the Guide group changes


  • Messaging around the importance of culture to run concurrently with new culture development and rollout (why, how, who, what, impact, etc.) Tools – pulse surveys; Documentation; Culture Guides
  • Messaging on new culture, focus group insights, pulse survey results, regular feedback/input at key points in the culture change process


  • Consultant will review and analyze company history and culture with an eye to deciphering cultural attributes, forces at play, and identifying keystones upon which to build new culture such as external events/business changes/trends in specific company metrics.
  • Consultant will work with Client to staff a multi-functional and demographically diverse team.
  • Consultant will prepare and deliver training for in-house staff as designated by Client for roll-out/execution, as well as those selected as Culture Guides.
  • Includes working meetings/collaborative working sessions of 3 hours each week, Flexible.


  • Desired Outcomes: Consultant to provide final Culture Bridge Plan with both slides for presentation and a final report including all relevant data for handover to Client
  • Consultant will finalize roll-out procedures and Manual for training with in-house team, client, and handover to Client
  • Consultant will provide two (2) follow-ups/check-ins on process implementation for course correction, if necessary. Scheduled with client at project close.
  • Specific client-proprietary tools are available for development – cost to be determined.


This work typically requires 12 +/- weeks to complete. A specific timeframe for execution will be agreed between Client and Consultant after purchase.


  • Includes up to 3 rounds of revisions based on Client feedback
  • Client will provide constructive feedback and guidance in reviews
  • Client will make available required/relevant information and key stakeholders within agreed timeframes.
  • Client will review & accept Deliverables with 10 days of final submission
  • Out-of-scope or additional requests will require a separate Engagement

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