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Idea Validation and Start-up Coaching Program


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Got an idea for a business but, not sure if there is a target market willing to purchase what you want to sell? Learn how to validate your idea and determine if an opportunity exists before you start your business.

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Got an idea for a business? Wondering if that business has the potential to be successful before you start-up? In this Idea Validation and Start-up Coaching Program you will find out if there is a viable opportunity for your business before you get started!

According to BusinessInsider.com, “42% of businesses fail because there is no market need for their product or service.” Don’t be a statistic. If you know you are looking for an accountability partner to help you get your idea off the ground then this is the program you’ve been looking for.


  • Through 1:1 Coaching Sessions your consultant will help you to determine if there is a viable opportunity for your business idea.
  • The consultant will provide the client homework to be completed for each coaching session.
  • The consultant will go through the homework with the client and provide guidance for completing the next assignment.


  • This workshop will allow the client to evaluate their idea by creating
    • A concept statement
    • A feasibility analysis
    • A competitive and industry review
    • A target market study
    • A business model canvas

Clients will also learn: 

  • About different types of financing and funding
  • The importance of Intellectual Property
  • The different legal foundations (organizational structures) for starting a business (US only)
  • The importance of a business plan*

TIMING: This workshop is offered on a per individual basis with 1 hour meetings between the consultant and client every two weeks over 3-4 months. A specific timeframe for execution will be agreed between Client and Consultant after purchase.


  • Client is prepared for meetings and completes assignments an sends to consultant for review at least 48 hrs before meetings
  • Client will complete assignments as required as part of program
  • Consultant provides feedback on assignments in meetings
  • Out-of-scope or additional requests will require a separate Engagement
  • *Business plan advice on how to actually create a plan will require a separate Engagement

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