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Leadership Training for Retail & Service Teams


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This is training guides and develops Front Line Managers to hone their communication, leadership and business management skills.

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There is a common belief that individual producers make successful managers of People/Teams. It is normal for these Managers to misunderstand their roles and many are new to the world of Leadership. Many novice leaders struggle with the uneasiness to lead people and the skills needed to begin to create results through people. Skills that they tend to struggle with are: Coaching, Delegating, Planning, Relationship Building and understanding the nuances of creating culture and community  with their Teams. 


Building confidence and self belief in personal leadership is a needed journey that is tied to personal development, an investment of time that many new Managers tend to discount. New Managers/Leaders must understand that their individual leadership and skill development will lead to more productive and engaged Teams; which will ultimately lead to improvement in business results. It starts with them first. 



  • 3 months 
  • 2hr Weekly Team Meetings with “New Leader” Community
  • Four 1:1 Performance Coaching sessions with New Leaders
  • Individual Development Plan(s) for New Leaders
  • Will include lesson material; not content for company leadership development programs



  • Skill Development – Communication, Team Engagement, Creating a Culture
  • Leadership Training – Personal & Business
  • Business Leadership – Developing Business Acumen, Creating results together
  • Individual Development Plan(s) for New Leaders


TIMING: This work typically requires 12 weeks to complete. A specific timeframe for execution will be agreed between Client and Consultant after purchase.



  • Weekly Team Meetings will be 100% remote/virtual (Unless Client location is in Southern Ontario)
  • < 5 Participants
  • Out-of-scope or additional requests will require a separate Engagement

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