Level up as a Product Manager: 1:1 PM Coaching (Monthly)

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Uncover your WHY, become laser focused on what skills to focus on improving, and receive practical tools and approaches to help you lead in your next role.


Transitioning to a new role as a Product Manager with a lot of unknowns? Need help preparing for an upcoming PM interview? Feeling stuck or lost and needing some guidance on how to feel more confident in your role? 

I will work with you 1:1 to help uncover your WHY, give you practical tools and approaches to help you lead in your role (or land a new one), and guidance to improve your clarity when dealing with a lot of unknowns and challenges that come with being a Product Manager.


  • 4 x 60 minute sessions (1 per week) that focus on:
    • PHASE 1: Discovery and Understanding: What are you trying to accomplish? Why? What makes you, YOU, what is your why, what are your values, what is your mission, how does this fit into your North Star?
    • PHASE 2: Planning and Execution: I help you get to where you want to go, once that has been clearly defined and you are 100% behind your WHY. 
  • Regular follow ups with homework, feedback, and document reviews
  • Unlimited email communication
  • Specific focus areas include:
    • Role transitions
      • New to product
      • Software to hardware, hardware to software transitions
      • Junior to Senior role transitions
    • Interview Prep
      • Mock interviews
      • Case studies and assessments
      • Preparation support
      • Resume Reviews
    • Targeted resume reviews
      • LinkedIn profile reviews
      • Cover letter assessments
    • Upskilling
      • Process development
      • Prioritization and decision frameworks
      • Stakeholder management – building great relationships across teams
      • Working effectively with CEOs/Founders
      • Leading meetings
      • Cross-functional team leadership 


  • Direct feedback during weekly 1 on 1 sessions
  • List of specific areas for client to focus on during the following week based on needs
  • LinkedIn profile review and resume/cover letter review feedback
  • Reference materials for continued learning


  • Timing of deliverables will be discussed with the client based on session scheduling and upcoming events the client is preparing for. 


  • Client already has had a role as a Product Manager or is aiming for their first Product Manager role and has already done a some initial preparation
  • If client requests additional support, this is possible and will be billed as additional services 

PRICE: $1000/month (4 x 60 minute coaching sessions + document reviews, homework, feedback, and email communication)

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