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Making Effective Management Decisions as A Manager of Others

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Managers must make decisions all the time. They must make ‘meta-decisions’ about how to make the decision. Most managers don’t ever have an opportunity to examine how to do this. So, they make their decisions ‘intuitively’, which often leads to decision failure. There is a better way. Find out from this guide to making management decisions.

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An Effective Decision is a function of its Technical Quality and its Commitment to Implement it. 

Based on decades of coaching managers and on cutting edge academic research, this guide ensures that you will make effective meta-decisions about how to make ‘management decisions”.

ED = (TQ,CA)


  1. Managers don’t have all of the technical know how and experience needed to make high quality technical decisions
  2. Managers don’t do the bulk of the work that it takes to implement a decision. Their staffs and others in the organization often do. 

But the accountability remains …. 

Yet, you as a manager are accountable for making high quality decisions which are effectively implemented. 

How do you do this, when you don’t personally have all of technical know how, and required time to implement. 

How do you to make the risk versus effort trade-offs meta-decisions needed to effectively frame such ‘managerial decisions’?

In this presentation, you will examine all of these issues. You will work through a framework for examining these decision dynamics in a progress and structured way. 

Why bother with this = the value you will get from this presentation.

Through applying this frame work you will develop the ‘in-the-moment’ smart habits that will increase your managerial decision-making effectiveness back on-the-job. 

The ED = (TQ,CA) will also become part of your coaching repertoire, as you work with your direct reports to increase the quality of their own ‘at work’ decision-making. 


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