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Managing Changes & Challenges for a Team (up to 10 people)


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Your team is facing a challenge or a situation which requires external support.

After reviewing the situation with you, strategy will be set up to make each member of the team a contributor to the solutions.

Denis Bouvet
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A team needs support  to build a road map towards new objectives.

A team is experiencing difficulties such as loss of motivation, conflicts. 


The consultant will agree with the client on the objective of this service. The consultant will work first with the team leader through one to one discussions.

Depending on the objective and its complexity, It may include individual sessions with some of the team members and/or team sessions with or without the presence of the team leader. 

The consultant will take the client through options for resolution and drive the team to find its best solutions. 



Diagnostic and feedback on the situation will be provided.

Whole set of options for issue resolution process will be presented and reviewed.

The client will feel comfortable with a way forward and will be supported with the changes implemented. Key team members will be involved in the resolution process.

Depending on the service’s objective, a written road map will be delivered by the team. 


TIMING: Multiple sessions over 4-6 weeks as an indication



The first part of this service will take place with the team leader. However in some cases the second part may happen without the presence of the team leader to allow each team member to speak up freely about their needs. Progress and outcomes of this service will always be presented, reviewed with the team leader during predefined feedback sessions.

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