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Managing Changes/Challenges for Individuals


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You or someone in your organization is facing a challenge or a situation which requires specific support. After the diagnostic step, we will move forward together through a full resolution process.

Denis Bouvet
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A member of your organization has been promoted and needs support to embrace his new role.

Organization changes are occurring and you or a colleague needs to be supported through that change.

A member of your organization is facing difficulties such as loss of motivation, lack of confidence, conflict…



The consultant and the client will agree on the objective of this service. The consultant will analyze the situation through one to one discussions.

After the diagnostic step and feedback, the consultant will take the client through options for resolution. The consultant will remain available until the client is comfortable enough with the implemented solution.



Diagnostic and feedback on the situation will be provided.

Whole set of options for issue resolution will be explored. The client will feel comfortable with a way forward and will be supported with the changes implemented..


TIMING: 5-10 sessions over 1-3 months as an indication.



Implementing changes can be quick. However, making a new way forward to sustain may require a significant period of time where failure or disorders due to the change can occur. The client is recommended to review on a regular basis with the consultant progress made over a few weeks period to allow good settlement in the new posture.

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