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Managing Changes & Challenges for Individuals


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You or someone in your organization is facing a challenge or a situation which requires specific support. We sit down and take the time to understand what is going on.

Denis Bouvet
From Denis B
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A member of your organization has been promoted and needs support to embrace his new role.

Organization changes are occurring (reorganization, leadership changes…). You or a colleague needs to be supported through that change.

A member of your organization is facing difficulties such as loss of motivation, lack of confidence, conflict…


SCOPE: The consultant and the client will agree with the objective of this service. The consultant will explore the situation through one to one discussions.


DELIVERABLES/OUTPUTS: Diagnostic and feedback on the situation will be provided. At the end of this service, you will have a new vision of the situation enabling you to have new resolution options.


TIMING: This step usually takes 1 or 2 sessions to complete.



If more complex issues are raised during the discussion requiring further discussion with stakeholders, contract adjustments can be proposed.

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