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Mission, Vision, and/or Values Development


  • Business Strategy


  • Launch
  • Plan


Conduct brief 1-2 hour exercise with Client(s) to determine Company's Mission, Vision, and Values statements. Then either conduct group or individual structured interviews to gather and consolidate shared related themes.

Mark Wesson
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The development or renewal of an organization’s Mission, Vision, and Values statements remind the world of what your organization does, its most perfectly manifested form, and the principles that drive the organization and those who serve it. These are key traditional elements of messaging to consumers or supporters and is especially important in the “impact age” where many behaviors in the marketplace are becoming more purposeful and consumers align political and philosophical principles with their purchasing behaviors.


  • Consultant may, through group or individual conversations and/or structured interviews, collect and review and synthesize information from Client and interviewed employees.
  • Consultant will schedule and host any conversation meetings to gather project input (given confidential and subjective nature of topics and small interviewee numbers).
  • Consultant will develop draft Mission, Vision, and Values statements based on input gathered, synthesized, and analyzed for collectively expressed themes.
  • Includes 1 or 2 live meetings/collaborative working sessions of 120 minutes (if 1) or 60 minutes (if 2).


  • Key Findings; Methodologies Used; and proposed Mission Statement, Vision Statement, and Values presentation (MS PowerPoint exported into PDF, 1-5 slides).


  • This work typically requires XXX-YYY weeks to complete. A specific timeframe for execution will be agreed between Client and Consultant after purchase.


  •  Includes up to 2 rounds of revisions based on Client feedback.
  •  Client will provide constructive feedback and guidance in reviews of meeting proceedings and for project deliverables.
  • Client will review & accept Deliverables with 5 days of final submission.
  • Client will provide relevant source materials & data, licensed, company and brand assets & guidelines, etc.
  • Out-of-scope or additional requests will require a separate Engagement.


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