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This customized coaching program will equip your detail-oriented staff with the skills and confidence they need to deliver important information in a memorable and engaging way that will enhance your organization’s reputation. The coaching will be designed to be of most use to your organization.

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Would you like your staff to:

  •  Deliver presentations that convey important information in a way that is memorable and engaging?
  •  Feel more confident presenting and volunteer to give more, higher profile presentations?
  • Be seen as being knowledgeable, competent and experts in their fields and also be seen as giving great presentations?

If you’d like your staff to deliver informative and technical presentations in a way that is memorable and engaging and enhances the reputation of your organization, this program could be for you.

As your partner, I will work with you to customize the coaching to meet your organization’s specific needs.  My services are unique because they focus on using the brain science of how people learn and remember to make your staff’s presentations much better.


  • The Consultant will provide customized coaching in the format that works best for your organization (one-on-one coaching to refine specific presentations that staff have coming up, one-on-one or group coaching for in-depth skill development, etc.)


  • Customized coaching program for your staff
  • Such other materials as may be useful during the coaching program


  • Determined during planning session


  • The client will provide a representative to work with the Consultant to customize the coaching program for the client

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