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Plan: Delivering on your strategy


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You have decided that there is something you want the company to start doing – a new program, initiative or direction. You might not have the time to plan how to get it done though. Who needs to be involved and when, what needs to be implemented, can we do it now or will that be a challenge? Let’s think it through and create a plan to execute.

Michele Davies
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An executive team I worked with thought there was an opportunity for us to leverage a government program in the defense sector to ramp up our program with funding from industry. To figure it out, we had to meet with government program leaders to advocate for eligibility, increase our visibility in the defense sector and create a strong value proposition for industry to engage with us. Marketing, business development, partnerships, technology all played a role in making this strategy come to life. In the same way, we would spend time together looking at the key aspects that need to come together to implement your new strategy/initiative/program as follows:

  • Interview leading executive.
  • Interview up to 3 others to define the strategy in detail, see where the gaps are.
  • Draft up a strategic roadmap with rough timelines, key milestones, high level identification of who is involved and when.
  • Review roadmap with a few of the interviewees to determine if elements captured are reasonable.
  • Discussions with line(s) of business to determine if resources available, skilled and ready to deliver. Identify gaps/challenges, if any.
  • Review with leading executive.
  • Finalize report, present findings.



  • Interview leading executive – what is the strategy you want to see come to life, where are the challenges/opportunities you see?
  • Determine where the initiative might sit, other lines of business that need to be involved. Interview up to 3-5 others to explore capability and capacity for immediate implementation.
  • Identify gaps (if any) and recommend solutions: people, process, systems, information, partners?
  • Create high-level cross-LOB launch and management plan
  • Review with leading executive, identify recommendations and impact. Finalize report, present findings.


  1.  Interview notes
  2. High-level launch and management plan
  3. Final report
  4.  Presentation (if required) of final report


  • Assessment how to put your strategy into action
  • High level launch plan

TIMING: 1 month

ASSUMPTIONS: The key assumption is access to individuals in the company for discussions throughout the process.

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