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This program is designed to help even the most experienced presenters to improve their presentations based on the brain science of how people learn and remember. It includes one-on-one online recorded run-through and feedback sessions
so that they will connect with their audiences even faster.

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Are you an experienced presenter who would like help to:

  • Connect with your audiences faster so that your key information is remembered even more?
  • Be seen as an authority in your field because your great presentations convey your key information clearly, memorably, and concisely?
  • Build on presentation skills you’ve learned in other programs (several of my clients are Toastmasters or have taken other speaking classes)?

If you are a confident and experienced presenter who would like to receive high-impact tweaks to make your presentation even better, this program could be for you.
As your partner, I will work with you to make your next presentation even better.


  •  The Consultant will provide supportive feedback at one-on-one online recorded run-through and feedback sessions


  • Supportive feedback during one or more run-through and feedback sessions


  • Between one and two weeks before the presentation. Exact timing may vary.


  •  Client will be open to receiving feedback to make the presentation even better
  •  Client will make self available for recorded run throughs and feedback sessions

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