Product Development Services: New or Existing Initiatives (Weekly)

$3,000.00 excluding tax

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Have a seasoned product manager work hands on with your team to define product strategy, validate an idea, bring your product to market, or iterate on an existing product that you have already launched.


Have a new concept for a product and need a product lead to bring it to life? Need help defining your North Star and metrics that matter? Not sure how to differentiate your product from competitors? Need more horsepower to drive new or existing product initiatives?

I will work hands on with your team to define product strategy, validate an idea, bring your product to market, or iterate on an existing product that you have already launched.


I work embedded with your team for up to 20 hours per week to:

  1. Understand: What is the problem? What background context is relevant to solve this problem? How can we validate the need to solve this problem?
  2. Plan: What is the North Star? What is the product vision and strategy to get there? What are the basic requirements at each stage? What are the guardrails? How should the work be prioritized? How should product decisions be made?
  3. Execute and Adapt: Build → Test → Learn. Construct low-fidelity prototypes to test assumptions in low-risk ways. Map out the customer journey, define broad strokes (epics) and more granular building blocks (user stories). Test rapidly with a representative target market. Understand where the friction points are. Use dashboard metrics to quickly interpret data. Re-prioritize the roadmap based on learnings and feedback. Understand and communicate what the implications are across business units to deliver the roadmap and work cross-functionally with teams to tie everything together. 


Business Strategy

  • Company Objectives – Establishing KPIs and OKRs
  • Investor Pitch Deck Development

Product Strategy and Development

  • Problem framing
  • Product strategy and vision
  • Creating product dashboards with KPIs
  • Development of user personas
  • Roadmapping
  • Scope and requirements development
  • Product validation
  • User research
  • User interviews
  • Usability testing
  • Customer Journey mapping
  • Developing go-to-market strategy
  • Alpha/Beta program development
  • Outlining Epics, User Stories, and Acceptance Criteria
  • Working closely with cross-functional teams 
  • Lead prototyping and feedback
  • Guiding UX and visual design 
  • Collaborate with leadership, design, development, marketing, care, operations, R&D teams
  • Coordinate product development efforts across the organization
  • Product launch strategy and execution 
  • Analyze product performance and customer feedback and adapt in focused ways to continuously iterate and improve the product


I will work with you to clearly define your specific scope of work and timing of deliverables based on your needs and ensure a clear, mutual understanding of the key problem to be solved. (Rate is weekly and prorated based on scope and time commitment.) 


  • Client has an existing development team (i.e. engineering, design)
  • Client’s founding team is/strives to be a product led organization
  • Client has a business and product concept and small team established 
  • Client will provide input to enable creation of deliverables
  • Founding members and other essential team members (i.e. engineering, design, marking) will be engaged to assist in information gathering to enable creation of deliverables
  • If there are existing users of the product, client will provide access to a segment of these users to enable creation of deliverables
  • If hours exceed 20 per week, excess hours are possible and billed as additional services

PRICE: $3000/week (up to 20 hours)

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