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Launching a new product or service? Looking to give an existing product a fresh start? Let me help your team refine the positioning strategy to ensure it’s winning over your target market.

Georgie Manera
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The innovation process can be resource intensive, and it’s crucial to ensure your new item launch will achieve product-market fit. Leverage this customizable partnership to set your new product or service up for success.



  • Kickoff session: We will align on your objectives and identify key stakeholders for the project in an initial 1 hour meeting.
  • Working sessions: Following the kickoff, I will work with your core team to understand the upcoming product or service launch, key challenges, perceived competitive advantages, and any major market dynamics.
  • Research & Strategy: After understanding the scope, I will create the initial product or service positioning recommendation (can include reason to believe, tagline, target audiences, points of differentiation, positioning, etc).
  • Feedback: I will share the initial brand identity recommendation with your core team in a working session to gather feedback.
  • Recommendation: I will rework and components of the strategy as needed following the feedback sessions to deliver my final brand identity recommendation.



  • Recommended project scope
  • Stakeholder working session findings
  • Draft recommendation presentation
  • Final recommendation presentation


TIMING: This work typically requires 4-12 weeks to complete. A specific timeframe for execution will be agreed upon between the Client and Consultant during a preliminary 1-hour consultation.



  • Includes up to 2 rounds of revisions based on Client feedback
  • Client will provide relevant source materials & data, company brand and assets guidelines, and access to previous market research as needed
  • Client will provide timely feedback and ensure availability for meetings
  • Out-of-scope or additional requests (ex: product messaging framework or go-to-market launch plan) will require a separate Engagement

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