$10,000.00 excluding tax

Provide Offtake Agreement for Long Term Acquisition of Carbon Credits



Verified Carbon Credits generated by a company is an asset. It can be sold to other companies that are Carbon Positive and need to either become Carbon Compliant, or Carbon Neutral.

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The Carbon Credits generated by the client is an asset. This asset can be sold to third parties on the spot market (case by case) or through a long term agreement (usually 5-10 years) to large corporations (Oil and Gas, Mining, Utilities, …etc). The demand for Carbon Credits worldwide is 4.5 billion CC today and is expected to reach 25 trillion CC by 2050, So demand is expected to go up and prices are going up every year per Carbon Credit generated. 


SCOPE: Market the Carbon Credits generated in the spot market. Or arrange for a long term off-take agreement. 

DELIVERABLES/OUTPUTS: The sales contract. Either spot or Long term.

TIMING: 30-60 days.

ASSUMPTIONS: Client to assign a decision maker to assist the consultant on obtaining a sales contract.

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