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Recruiting Top Performers Process Coaching


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Use Performance Challenge Recruiting™ to attract and to hire the top performers who fit into your business today and who will create your organization’s success tomorrow. 

Coach a Business Owner, or a recruiting specialist, in the use of the process on a single recruitment. Equip them to use Performance Challenge Recruiting™ on recruiting assignments independently in future.

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You need to attract top performers to work for you or for your clients. That is getting harder and harder to do in our post pandemic world.

Performance Challenge Recruiting™ has proven itself as a key way to attract such top performers. I will coach you – a business owner, an executive leader or a recruiting professional  – in, the ‘why, what, how, when, and where” of this innovative Next Level Recruiting process.


  • Provide client individuals with a copy of the “Recruiting Realities: Avoiding Bad Hires” e-book which describes the Performance Challenge Recruiting process in depth, and compares it to traditional resume based recruiting. 
  • Work with the Business Owner, Executive Leader or Recruiter to develop a Target Performance Profile for an newly defined, rapidly evolving, or ‘transform the organization’ open role. 
  • Provide feedback on planned compensation package given current market conditions for this role.
  • Dialogue with that individual to develop a recruiting tactic for that role (possibilities: internal and external job board role posting, existing staff candidate referral, social media posting, external potential candidate outreach using Linked In and equivalents …) 
  • Develop a set of Candidate Performance Potential Insight Short Answer Questions for inclusion in the Candidate Insight Survey. Align with the role posting process. 
  • Coach individual on evaluation of candidate responses to Candidate Performance Potential Insight Survey. 
  • Coach individual on ‘in-depth’ interview tactics for interaction with high quality potential final candidates identified through Candidate Potential Insight Survey process. 
  • Dialogue with the individual during the final candidate evaluation process. 
  • Coach individual on job offer to be made. 
  • Coach individual on ‘on boarding process’ when job offer accepted. 

Future use of The Right Talent  Performance Challenge Recruiting  Process intellectual property for in-house future recruiting is included.


 See steps above.


Minimum of 1 hour coaching session per week over course of recruitment. More as needed. 

Editorial guidance on development of Target Performance Profile and Candidate Performance Potential Insight Survey Short Answer Questions at the start of the recruitment.

Coaching and guidance on the evaluation of the responses received from candidate to the Candidate Performance Potential Insight Short Answer Questions included in the Candidate Insight Survey during the recruitment. 

Dialogue leading to the development of a High Quality Final Candidate In-depth Interview Protocol at the latter stages of the recruitment. 

Dialogue based commentary on the evaluation of those Candidates who are selected following ttis interview process. 


This is a coaching assignment, not a ‘recruiting’ assignment. The objective is to support an existing in-house person as that individual becomes capable in the Performance Challenge Recruiting Process, and its intellectual property. 

Variations of this can be negotiated during the initial letter of agreement development process. The costs will be estimated accordingly. But the intent is always to create an independent capability to utilize Performance Challenge Recruiting in the client organization.

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