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Strategy & Operating Review


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Dive deep into the inner-workings of your business and understand how you fit into the competitive landscape. Is your strategy sound? What’s working, what isn’t, and what should be done to improve?

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Not sure how your business is really doing? Basically satisfied with your strategy but could use a second opinion? Intuitively know that there’s something you should be doing differently but aren’t clear on what it is? Sometimes it takes an outsider’s perspective to see your business in a new way. 

I will conduct detailed due diligence on your business strategy & operations in the same way as a potential investor or major strategic partner might, finding out what you’re doing well, what isn’t working, and providing you with actionable recommendations on how to improve.

ADD-ON: For an additional fee, I will also conduct a deep dive into one or more divisions/departments. Pricing depends on the size of the business unit in question. This add-on can be purchased later or in parts once the core service has been completed.


This service will produce the best results when combined with a Fiscal Health & Data Review. Purchase the Comprehensive Business Review to receive both services and save 10%!


SCOPE: Core service includes review of your overall business strategy & operations, including: SWOT analysis, product/service offering & competitive market positioning, organizational structure, and sales strategy. 

Optional division / department deep dive includes personnel analysis (including fact-finding interviews of key personnel), review of SOPs & processes, review of KPIs & OKRs, and if applicable a limited review of key strategic relationships (i.e., vendors, partners, customers) and/or major projects.

DELIVERABLES/OUTPUTS: Core service includes a straight-forward report in operator’s language explaining potential problems and improvements/opportunities with the business, focusing on overall strategy, competitive positioning of product/service, and organizational structure. Includes a preliminary 1.5 hour consult + debrief meeting of up to 1.5 hours + 2 weeks of follow-up support via messaging.

Optional division / department deep dive report includes personnel analysis (strengths, weaknesses, needs), breakdown of potential weaknesses/opportunities in the business unit’s performance, processes and workflow, a review of KPI/OKR data with any recommended changes, and (if applicable) potential recommendations pertaining to key strategic relationships and/or major projects. Includes a preliminary consult of up to 1 hour + debrief meeting of up to 1.5 hours + 2 weeks of follow-up support via messaging.

TIMING: Generally within 2 weeks of preliminary consult and receiving all necessary data from the client. 

Division/department deep dives generally within 1-2 weeks, dependent on client furnishing of necessary data and access to key client personnel. Client and consultant to meet and discuss specific timeline prior to any engagement. Rush service may be available.

ASSUMPTIONS: Client is responsible for providing access to all key personnel, documentation, and data necessary to perform the services.

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