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The Qortex Circuit: Train Your Brain for Joy and Transformation

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The Qortex Circuit: Train Your Brain for Joy and Transformation.

Ed Kang
From Ed K
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The Qortex Circuit is a brain training framework for transformation based on the science of joy. Think of it as the OS (operating system) on any computer or mobile device. With the right OS, apps can be installed for pretty much anything. In the same way, the Qortex Circuit was designed to be an OS for your brain—powered by joy—to help you accomplish anything you’ve ever wanted.

Our brains are infinitely complex and powerful computers. The same way every computer has RAM (random access memory), the human brain has a short-term memory system. And just like a computer’s hard drive, our brains also have long-term information storage capacity. The difference is the human brain can continually adapt and change its structure, where even the most advanced artificial intelligence cannot. But despite this powerful ability, without the right OS, powered by joy, the human brain is nowhere near as effective as it could be.

Once you learn the Qortex Circuit, you can use the power of joy to coach anybody to do anything for personal and professional transformation. How can such a grand and sweeping statement be made? The answer is we all use the same brain to do everything. Neuroscientists and psychologists are continually unlocking new insights on how to optimize the OS of our brains to realize human potential. This brain science can apply to coaching in any office, school, or even right at the kitchen table. You don’t have to be a neuroscientist or psychologist to take advantage of brain science. Today’s scientists are more than happy to see their theories applied through practical and real-life experience. Professional practice and academic scholarship are always more effective when synergized. The world of brain science is no different.

This book takes a focused cross-section of current brain science and provides a practical everyday framework to help people experience joy, transform their lives, and then coach others to do the same. I hope it will inspire a lifelong journey of joy and transformation.

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