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Value Stream Process Mapping


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Looking to improve efficiency and optimize your resources? Process maps are a great tool to visualize steps, team members, and decisions that can be used to educate and simplify processes.

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Process mapping is more than just a flowchart. When done correctly, a process map can highlight where time, money, and other valuable resources are not being utilized in the most efficient and rewarding manner. Whether you are looking to streamline a workflow, optimize team members’ time and skills, or build a new system from scratch, a process map provides you with a clean visual to help guide decisions.



  • Consultant will consider the company’s values and focus on client needs
  • Consultant will review any pre-existing documentation of process maps
  • Consultant will facilitate current-state process mapping sessions and conversations
  • Consultant will identify value-add and non-value add steps for client review


DELIVERABLES/OUTPUTS: Process mapping sessions

Current-State Process Map as color-coded PDF


TIMING: TBD based on complexity, typically 2-4 weeks. A specific timeframe will be agreed upon between the Client and Consultant after purchase.



  • Client agrees the Consultant will complete the work part-time on agreed-upon hours
  • Client will provide feedback and guidance in reviews
  • Client business process owners and key stakeholders will be available within the agreed timeframe and will attend mapping sessions 
  • Final maps will be created in Microsoft Visio and made available in PDF format
  • Client will review and accept final deliverable within 5 business days of submission
  • Client will provide relevant source materials for branding, guidelines, etc.
  • Out-of-scope or change orders will require a separate Engagement

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