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No organizational leader plans to oversee a work place investigation into harassment (workplace bullying or sexual harassment) or fraud | conflict of interest. But the need to do so does occur, and often arises abruptly. As the leader involved, you are accountable in law for the outcomes of such an investigation. How do you find the insight you need to make sure that such an investigation does not go ‘off track, and end up in a court case?

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I have ‘been there, done that’ more than once when it comes to investigations.. I have led complex, discrete investigations. I was the executive responsible for overseeing the work of investigative individuals and teams. I have dealt with sexual harassment, work place bullying, financial and computer-based fraud, and conflict of interest allegation investigations.

I will confidentially coach you as you oversee your own needed investigation. Get the quiet coaching which will support you as you become a workplace investigation oversight hero.


A single needed investigation into a work place situation in which allegations of work place harassment (sexual or work place bullying), or fraud | conflict of interest have been made against 1 or more individuals in the investigation.

Investigations generally go through the following steps. 

  • Determine that the investigation is in fact needed. Decision that this is a more appropriate approach to the issue than an organizational development or cultural enhancement approach. 
  • Define the scope of the investigation –
    • complainant(s), 
    • alleged offender(s), 
    • alleged offenses committed (when, who, where, how), 
    • Potential witnesses.
    • Required investigation expertise (e.g. talent management, technological: operations, computer, other, forensic accounting, legal, labor relations, human resources, workplace psychology, surveillance,  …. ), 
    • Documents that that may need to be reviewed,
    • Potential for external law enforcement involvement, 
    • … 

Clearly define the scope in an investigation scope briefly document which covers these elements and acts as an ‘assignment brief’ for a potential investigator. 

  • Select an investigator(s): internal – external, lead if multiple experts need to be involved in the investigation
  • Uncover what happened:
    • Interview complainants, 
    • Compile witness lists (to be interviewed – internal and external if any),
    • Interview witnesses, 
    • Document interviews in appropriate notes,
    • Add ‘discovered complainants, if any during course of discovery,
    • Review documents, 
    • Do necessary forensic work (technology, accounting, legal, surveillance if required ..) 
    • Assess validity of complaints (validated, not supported), 
    • Interview alleged offenders based on validated complaints, 
    • Develop preliminary findings, 
    • Review with investigation business sponsor, 
    • Document findings in formal report, 
    • Transmit investigation documents and material to client organization

Based on this, the investigation business sponsor must now act to take the next steps. 


See list of typical steps above


To be determined at start of the assignment, based on scope. The client may want to consult with the investigation coach throughout the assignment. The client may limit the coaching work to the early phases of the investigation. 


This is a coaching assignment, not a ‘conduct the investigation’  assignment. The consultant’s objective is to ensure that the client is an investigation oversight hero. 

If the consultant is asked to do more than coach, this needs to be clarified in a letter of agreement early in the assignment.

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