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  1. I believe that this person follows closely with world developments and analyzes how these developments affect our business and social life in the United States and generally in North America. I believe he is very cautious on how he approaches a specific problem and does not react impulsively. I would highly recommend him in the fields he has expert knowledge, such as, energy – traditional and renewable - or running the operations of a business, finance matters, business development matters domestically and internationally.

  2. Dimitri worked with me lining up financing for a small commercial property acquisition. He generated the cash flow of the project, he included a series of contingencies, and proved to the potential lenders that the project itself would create enough free cash flow to safely service the loan as well as repay the principal over the financing time frames. He worked diligently, his presentations were clear and to the point and the end result was successful. The end clients were very satisfied with his work. Dimitri worked directly as my specialist to line the necessary capital for the Real Estate Investment.

  3. He has a strong background in engineering, finance, marketing and business development sectors. The background includes both academic and practical experience therefore he is fully capable to handle complex projects and approach them from various angles depending on the objectives set by the end client. He is very proficient in Microsoft Suite programs. He has working experience both in North America, the UK and the European Union while maintaining a very active and diverse lists of professionals that assist in business development or cross boarder international projects.