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  1. I would rate Kim’s value as one who is articulate, team-player, able to accept and work through any challenges and/or obstacles that she is presented with. She has and continues to demonstrate her diverse abilities and work ethic to ensure that the company will operate at its optimal level.

  2. Kim is a highly knowledgeable professional when it regards sourcing, solving business problems, establishing relationships with other individuals/companies, strategizing a business scaling methods, and improving business management. I have recommended Kim to other individuals and company managers for assistance and advice on business improvements/expansion. Their response to me, as a result of her services, were 4-5 stars. This is why I have committed to working with Kim in the past and why I will continue reaching out to her for advice.

  3. I strongly recommend Kim. She is hard-working, dedicated & extremely knowledgeable. She supported my company on a variety of start-up topics and was very thorough in her presentation of options for my consideration, which was very helpful.