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    Lisa is a well knowledgeable and attentive coach. She is a great listener and i have learnt a great deal working with her. I reached out to Lisa because i was impressed by her background and i knew learning from her experience will help me accelerate faster as a first time product manager. Lisa shared a ton of helpful materials and insights that will help me succeed in my product manager career and i felt like i could openly share my challenges and struggles with her without the fear of being judged or misunderstood. I will highly recommend Lisa to any PM who needs guidance in approaching the challenges of being a product manager.

  2. Great Product Leader and Coach!

    Lisa is an extremely detailed, attentive and supportive coach. As a mid-level Product Manager, I was looking for someone with deep product experience who worked in various-sized companies. Lisa helped me clarify areas to focus on in order to perform at a higher level. I highly recommend working with Lisa!