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  1. I believe Mathew is highly driven and motivated to succeed, and is a life-long learner. He doesn't hesitate to research for new information. He also has a passion to help others be more successful in life. Although Mathew specialized in technology and robotics, I see that he loves business in general, not just one function. Therefore, he's able to provide consultations in various industries. He's highly educated, and is always current with what's going on in business and innovation today. An important skill that Mathew has, is being aware and "in the know" of platforms, tools, and resources that can help companies with their goals. Examples include recommending Shopify for an e-commerce startup and MVP, and WordPress for another type of business. He also introduced me to resources such as Legal Zoom which I had never heard of.

  2. Mathew has been very helpful in mainly two ways during the few months that I have known him. 1) He was very patient in breaking down potential areas of improvement, and gave detailed solutions to improve my product. He used his experience to give effective advice to help. 2) He was helpful in connecting me with potential networking opportunities to help my business grow. He understood my needs and connected with potential people that can help on both sides.