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  1. Nini was able to help us hire key members to our organization through a detailed hiring process. Nini consulted and coached our organization in conflict resolution for specific scenarios that ultimately improved our companies productivity.

  2. Yes, Nini has provided our company with expert services in hiring out several key employees for the company. As well, Nini has provided coaching and mentorship in dealing with HR related issues that arise and has helped build the leadership teams abilities and understanding when it comes to HR and its importance in a company.

  3. I without hesitation send people in Nini's direction for anything HR related. She is extremely personable, a problem solver & her knowledge of HR best practices and procedures is extremely helpful. Nini is a person that you can count on and does what she says she will. Her last project she did for our company, she over delivered on her HR workbook she created for our staff and associates.

  4. Nini was a godsend. Our company’s typical story was start-up, work systematically and build HR structures last after we have other Operational strategies in place. She was instrumental in leadership grasping the importance of managing our human resources. As our volumes grew, so did our staff. Nini worked very closely with senior executives to set up systems for recruitment, policy development and was a part of our strategic HR planning. The greatest highlight for me was her designing an HR Information database (SharePoint) and also coaching our senior managers to be effective and be adapt with best practices.