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Cansulta is a global e-consulting platform that offers companies access to vetted business experts.

For any domain, industry, project, problem, or opportunity.

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Consulting for the Modern Era

Cansulta is purpose-built to help leaders tackle the challenges and opportunities that keep them up at night as well as the ‘backburner’ issues that can undermine a business over time. 

Let our diverse expert roster help you accomplish the important tasks & projects that your internal teams don’t have the time or expertise to manage.

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Thoroughly Vetted Experts

Our rigorous application process ensures every ‘Cansultant’ is not just an expert in their field but an expert in the room who can lead meetings, ask the right questions, and drive business results.

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Dozens of Specialists Under One Roof

From brand storytellers to cash-flow analysts, our highly-specialized experts have been there and done that. They understand the complexities and nuances of your business challenge like no one else.

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Unlimited Insights and Support

Our ‘one-stop shop’ offers products and solutions from experts in all areas, from finance and marketing to HR, strategy and technology.

Key Features

Not a big consulting firm. Not a freelance community. Not a gig marketplace.

Easy Access

Browse, book and collaborate with the ideal consultant for your unique business needs, all on one platform.

Unprecedented Value

Our flexible pricing model gives you exactly the help you need when you need it, by the hour or by the project.
We can also provide custom project scopes and proposals.

High Speed

No more waiting weeks or months for proposals, plans and reports. We move as fast as you do.

Our Support, Your Way

Cansulta is flexible; we can provide support by the hour, task, project, or team.

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Lean and agile, with minimal overhead. Efficient and effective, our processes minimize bloat and maximize results.

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Build-your-own-solution. Choose from 300+ ready-to-go microconsulting products & services from our Shop.

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À La Carte

Buy tried-and-tested Cansulta brand products or services, delivered by Cansulta or one of our consultants.

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Expert Network

Access experts from across various specialities and industries with focus on information, insights, and research.

How It Works

Cansulta helps leaders manage the change and disruption that comes with growth, all without the cost and time-consuming process of a large consultancy.

Our consultants have already helped companies including:

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Browse Our Consultants

Our ever-expanding roster currently includes over 85 experts.

Our trusted, experienced consultants have helped companies including:

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We can help you find the right person—or assemble the ideal team—to fulfill your unique requirements, no matter how specialized or complex.

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